Monday, December 12, 2011

Groundbreaking at Caingal, Sn Carlos

From the email sent by:
Chita Rebollido-Millan
President Emerita, World Federation of Methodist & Uniting Church Women

Dear Mga Kasama,

Good sabbath morning from Calasiao.  Pray all is fine with you.
I am sure the latest updates about our movement reached you by now.  Let us therefore lift up our praises and thanks to God Almighty from whom all blessings flow.  How faithful God is to his promise that He will supply our needs and that he'll be with us through the end of the age!  

Let us rejoice because finally we are now an official church under the Republic of the Philippines and among the Christian churches.  How fast it happened.  According to Pastor Aze all 15 incorporators were able to sign as of Dec 2, documents were submitted at SEC on Dec 6 and after evaluation and review, was approved/signed on Dec 7.  It was released last Friday, Dec 9.  Aren't these signs that God approves what we are doing?  All the more that we remain faithful to Him and do His his mission in this part of the world - "Misyon ni Kristo, Tungkulin ko.".    

The SEC release was so timely for the groundbreaking ceremony of the 1st ever AIMP church/school in the Philippines, that was in Brgy. Caingal, San Carlos held yesterday.  The 2,000 sq. m. lot is donated by Atty & Dr Gloria Gatchalian [nee Gloria Castro is from Caingal] with an initial money of P200,000 for the church building.  What big hearts the Gatchalians have.  Very soon Pastor Bayani Tecson will no longer preach under the mango trees with his members seated on their 'kanya-kanyang bangko'.    
Thank you for faithful friends who graced yesterday's historic and momentous event.  First on the list are our Pangasinense 'Senior' church workers/leaders [Kuya Romy Sison, Pastor Castillo, Manangs Aluida kasiguran, Panching Lucas and Perla Bautista, together with Manang Glo from Antipolo].  They arrived a day before [had dinner with us and slept at Pastor Tecson's mansion].  Special tasks were assigned to the men: Pastor Castillo as driver of his own Revo and Kuya Romy as documentor and writer for local publication of  the event.  Nueva Ecija friends led by Pastor Aze Bote were kind enough to be in Caingal, too.  And last but not the least, 3 loaded cars from Calasiao AIMP attended to draw inspiration from the once in a lifetime event, as well as give inspiration to others.  

We rejoice with Pastor Tecson, his loving wife Pacing, the Gatchalians, and members from Caingal and Calobaoan.  May they continue to be witnesses of Christ's overflowing love to those who remain faithful to Him.  

Attached with this email are some pictures taken by Art but the more official shots will be submitted [?] by our documentor, Kuya Romy [hahaha, bagong assignment].  

Mga kasama, 'go, tell it on the mountains, over the hills and everywhere' that ANG IGLESIA METODISTA SA PILIPINAS is officially born!  God bless us all.


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